Roofer preparing part of bitumen roofing felt roll for melting by gas heater torch flame


In 1992 the Lancastria Group was established in order to provide high quality solutions to the roofing industry. Decades later, our drive to provide an unprecedented service is undimmed. As times have changed, we have advanced by generating new developments and creating innovative products across the board to solve industry issues. A development in the industry in recent years has been torch on roofing; an inventive method of roof application that blends easy application with durability and reasonable cost. Find more on these benefits and plenty of others below:


What is torch on felt roofing?

Torch on roofing is the quickest and most reliable flat roof installation readily available in the United Kingdom. It’s a fuss free and long-term option that involves a multiple layered sheet of modified bitumen being melt-welded onto roof surfaces with a blowtorch. This method of application ensures smooth fitting and an impenetrable waterproof seal, ensuring the building it is adhered to is not affected in any way during application or after as a result of the roofing choice.


Installation of roll roofing waterproofing propane blowtorch dur


Why is torch felt becoming so popular?

The torch on roof felt industry has grown in popularity in recent years due to its substantial advantages compared to other roofing options. There are plenty of options in existence when it comes to roof surfaces but torch on roofing backs itself with its ability to ensure slick application, cost efficiency and longevity. It is favoured amongst roofers due to its simple application process, especially when compared to methods of roofing that are revered as arduous and strenuous.


When to use torch on felt and when to not?

Torch on roofing felt is esteemed for its versatility, durability and efficiency. This is primarily due to the fact that torch on felt can be applied to concrete, timber and metal deck surfaces. It is ideal for smaller structures such as garages and extensions but it can also be used for larger commercial buildings, meaning that it is suitable for a vast array of projects. Torch on felt can not be applied to surfaces that are not level or that rise too steeply in pitch.


Where should torch on roofing be used?

As previously stated, torch on roofing can be used for a selection of different surfaces and buildings. One of the leading strengths of this roofing style is its potential to not only withstand elements once situated but also to be laid in practically any condition – a real bonus given the unpredictability of this country’s weather. Torch on felt, despite the involvement of heat, can be applied in both wet and dry conditions. Once applied it is built to withstand snow, rain, strong winds and even intense sunlight due to its mineral finish which not only makes it weather-resistant but also maintains a cool interior.


Who should apply torch on felt?

Someone with the right tools and knowledge, that’s who. The application of torch on felt is seemingly straightforward for an experienced or informed professional but not so much for the everyday DIY guy. However, even though the application is simple for those with the correct training, it still maintains a high amount of risk due to the nature of the application and the contextual environment.


Branded flat roof fact


How long does torch on roofing last?

Simply put, torch on felt roofing lasts a long time and it needs to. A leaky roof is no joke and can cause immeasurable damage to interiors of businesses and homes. The longevity of torch on felt can withstand reasonable foot traffic and the impact of the aforementioned weather conditions. Many users observe lifetimes lasting decades, although yearly checks of the surface should be made and professional approach is taken to repair any inconsistencies or wears.


How much does it cost to install torch down roofing?

Torch on roof felt prices will vary dependent on the size of the job required and whether you will be requiring only the supplies or a combination of materials and labour; which is advised given that the application of torch on roof is skilled and carries a reasonable amount of risk. However, the return on investment is indisputable due to the fact that this specific type of roofing can last for so long.

At Lancastria we want to be as reliable and simple as laying roof on felt which is why we go the extra mile to give every customer an unprecedented experience with us. We keep things clear and honest, hence our simple product names and strong core values.

So whether you choose to make a great investment in getting the tools for a torch on felt roof, need top quality PPE to go along with it or just want tools at great prices, Lancastria Tools are happy to go the extra mile. Contact us today.

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