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What is single-ply roofing? 

A single-ply membrane is made up of flexible sheets of synthetic polymer that can be split into two divisions: thermoplastics and synthetic rubber. The thermoplastics option has become the most popular option for most roofing contractors on flat roof projects because it can be reheated and remoulded. Materials such as PVC are often used as a single-ply membrane material in Europe because of their adaptability to different environments and their resistance to weather. Because PVC is immune to damage from harmful materials such as acids, salts, corrosives and bases, it’s a great resistant material for use in different environments.

Single-ply roofing is also available in grades, with the higher grades offering better protection. Not only is its performance a real benefit but single-ply roofing is also one of the most cost-effective and efficient materials for getting roofing jobs done. It’s a lightweight product that makes its application even more efficient for roofers. But what do you need to install single-ply roofing? These systems are installed mainly using hot-air welding.


Single ply roofing installation


Best tools for single-ply roofing?

Using a reliable hot air welder for your project will make sure the standard of your roof is the highest quality. Having the right tools can save money, time and make even the most difficult details have solutions.  Below you can find our recommended tools for all your single-ply roofing needs.


BAK Rion 110v Single Ply Roofing Hand Welding Gun

Never fumble around to find the pieces of your roofing kit again when you can keep it all in one cost-effective place. The BAK Rion 110v is the benchmark single ply hand welder for reliability. The Rion is fast becoming one of the most popular hand hot air welders on the market thanks to the great range of features it offers. The Swiss-made Rion is built using a quality motor that uses soldered parts which cope better with voltage fluctuations as well as being more reliable and higher performance.

The Rion hot air gun delivers precise, perfect and consistent welds across a wide variety of applications. It also includes an infinitely adjustable temperature control from 50-600 degrees.

The BAK Rion single-ply hot air welding gun is ideal for: 

  • -Seam welding
  • -Plastic fabrication welding
  • -Tarpaulins and banners
  • -Welding vinyl and linoleum floors
  • -Heat shrinking plastic sleeves and wraps
  • -Installing and repairing tunnel and landfill liner membrane

With an airflow of 250 l/min and coming in at a lightweight 1.3Kg, this handheld welding gun will make get the perfect seal on your single-ply easier.  If you want an even more precise version of this model then the BAK Rion 110v is also available in a digital hand welding model for easier control and more precise temperature adjustability.


BAK Premium Hot Air Gun – “Roof in a box” Kit

The BAK “roof in a box” kit is everything the single-ply roofer needs in just one place.  This hot air plastic welding kit includes BAK Rion 110v hot air welding gun, 20 & 40mm flat nozzles, 20mm Angle Nozzle, 40mm silicone roller, brass penny roller, seam probe, heavy duty membrane scissors in a tool box… everything you need in one box. The Rion hot air kit is perfect for welding TPO, PVC, TPE, and most other plastic based membranes It can also be used to weld the laps of TorchOn APP and SBS membranes. It is also available with the digital welder.


BAK Roof in a box containing everything you need for roofing in one box.


BAK RoofOn Automatic Welder 

The BAK Roofon welding machine is small but high-performance welder. On its launch, it was the first 110v welder to achieve a 40mm weld.  Providing a perfect seam quality of 40mm even though it is very lightweight. The RoofOn guarantees wrinkle-free welding through our unique technology, such as the easy adjustment of speed, airflow and temperature with a potentiometer – it also has an automatic drive start system and is designed for the welding of thermoplastic roofing membranes.

The digital variant comes with a complete temperature and speed read out for ease of setting a maintaining the perfect weld. Want to see the impressive RoofOn in action? Head to our resources page and get a hint of what it’s capable of.


BAK RoofOn Automatic Welder


BAK RoofOn R Edge Automatic Welder 

The BAK RoofOn R Edge welder takes the RoofOn welder range to the next level, with its ability to weld within 20mm of an up-stand as well as being able to weld the field area. The digital variant comes with a complete temperature and speed read out for ease of setting a maintaining the perfect weld.


BAK RoofOn R Edge Automatic Welder


BAK Laron Automatic Welder

The BAK Laron Automatic Welder is a fail-proof and efficient welder, known for wrinkle-free welding because of design and balance. It has a high welding speed from the automatic drive start system, continuous operation possible through brushless motors. It is designed for the most demanding job sites. For the welding of roofing membranes and tarpaulins. The digital controls allow temperature and speed read out for ease of setting a maintaining the perfect weld.

BAK Laron Automatic Welder


Rollers, brushes & Nozzles

Our range of essential welding accessories will increase the efficiency and finish of your roofing project. When welding with a hot-air hand tool, The first thing you will need is an assortment of Hot Air Welding Nozzles and hand pressure rollers to evenly press the heated material together and form a strong bond. Our 45mm silicone pressure roller ensures consistent pressure is applied to the surface. Completing a roof will also mean your tools will be accumulating debris and materials. Make sure to keep your welding nozzles clean and ready for action with a wire brush.


single ply roofing tools

Extension cables

Funnily enough, some roofs are a long way off the ground and getting appropriate access for your tools isn’t always convenient. Even if you have a portable generator, you don’t want to have to constantly move it around and disrupt your workflow. We have a full range of leads with the correct cores for both the 110 and 240v tools. We also carry all the necessary RCD’s and transformers. When using the automatic welders it is critical to use the right Transformer (continuous supply) and leads with the correct cores to guarantee the best performance.


RoofOn R Edge


Order roofing tools online 

At Lancastria, we make ordering tools for your next project easy. We cover the UK with our courier network to give you an unprecedented and personalised service. We will always go the extra mile to solve your problems, whether that’s answering questions about what single-ply roofing tools are right for your next project or always keeping our promise so you can rely on us time and time again.

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