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BAK Eron Hot Air Welder

The BAK Eron hot air welding gun is the larger of the two standard hand welders, it has a larger Element and Blower than the Rion. This makes it ideal for Bituminous membranes as well as various shrinking and drying processes

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BAK ErOn 120v is a powerful hand-held hot air welder (very similar to the Electron hand welder)
The BAK ERON welder is 120 v 2700 watts, and provides outstanding temperature control, ease of use using a step-less temperature from 20 to 650C and an air flow of 500L/minute.
An adjustable temperature scale allows for exact selection of temperature to fit your application.
Different uses for the Eron hot air welder
The flame free Eron hot air welder with a 70mm nozzle can weld bituminous Torch On membrane in a single pass
Dry moist surfaces
Shrink heat-shrinkable sleeves, hoses and connectors
Remove undercoating on vehicles
Packaging shrinking
Activate/melt hot-melt adhesives
Ignite bio-mass boilers

Technical Data for Eron 120V/ 240V

Voltage 120/230V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 2300/2700/3400 W
Temperature 20-650
Air Flow approx. 500 l/min
Pressure Stat. approx 3000 Pa
Dimensions d. 94 x 320mm, handle 64mm
Weight 1.5kg with cable

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