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BAK MicOn Edge Semi-automatic Welder (pictured with guide bar sold separately)

    – welding 20mm close to the corner
    – stable and robust design
    – speed and temperature stepless adjustable for the welding of thermoplastic membranes
    – constant temperature and speed
    – easy to handle
    – pressure is given manual
    – guidance help available as accessory (as pictured)

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The innovation on the market: the semi-automatic welding machine combines the advantages of a hand welding tool with the automatization of a welding machine.

The MicOn, our first semi-automatic welding machine for thermoplastic materials. It is small as a hand welding tool and for this reason needs little space. It is your perfect choice for flexible applications.

The MicOn is as reliable as an automatic welding machine. Speed and temperature are stepless adjustable and stay constant. The pressure has to be given to the tool by hand. With the mounted limit stop we make sure that you always weld easily at the edge of the overlap.

The MicOn is easy to handle and built for the most demanding job sites. Also, the semi-automatic welding machine is much less expensive than a usual no matter if you need the MicOn on your construction site or in-house, it will always be a great choice. It is the ideal tool for roofers or tarpaulin manufacturers, as well as for all craftsmen who need to do smaller or bigger weldings from time to time.


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