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BAK Rion 110v Single Ply Roofing Hand Welding Gun

The BAK Rion single ply hot air welding Gun is ideal for; Seam welding single ply roofing systems, plastic fabrication welding, tarpaulins and banners, welding vinyl and linoleum floors, heat shrinking plastic sleeves and wraps, installing and repairing tunnel and landfill liner membrane.

£290.00 Ex VAT

BAK Rion 110v Single Ply Roofing Hand Welding Gun is the benchmark single ply hand welder for reliability, the Rion is fast becoming the most popular hand hot air welder on the market. The Swiss made Rion is built using a quality motor that use soldered parts to cope better with voltage fluctuations. The Rion hot air gun delivers precise, perfect and consistent welds across a wide variety of applications. It also includes an infinitely adjustable temperature control from 50-600 degrees.

Technical Data for the RION 110V

Voltage 110V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power  1,600 W
Air Flow 250 l/min
Temperature 20-650°C
Dimensions d. 100/340mm
Weight  1.3kg with cable