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Brass Penny Roller

The 30mm Brass Penny Roller is a must have tool when installing roofing membrane systems!
The Brass penny roller has a high quality bearing and incorporates a sturdy shaft.
The Penny roller is perfect for detail work on edging, internal corners, external corners, form flash & seam tapes.
Single ply roofing membranes, bitumen roofing membranes, TPO roofing membranes, PVC roofing membranes & EPDM Rubber roofing membranes

£10.95 Ex VAT

The 30mm Brass Penny Roller is perfect for single ply & bituminous material.  The improved bearings make it smother, therefore it is the perfect tool to ensure that any material is bonded firmly. The Brass Penny Roller is used to compress membrane on angles & corners for EPDM, Single ply TPO‘s UPVC’s & Bitumen roofing. The penny roller is the perfect tool to ensure a firm and secure bond when hot air welding. This is

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